Diana receiving a Gemini Award                                                          Diana with the 2010 Golden Sheaf Award         for "China’s Earthquake" in Oct, 2009.                                                              at Yorkton Film Festival 2010

Receiving Best director/Best producer/Human rights award             Mada Award for SARS doc in Commfest Global
at intl Film festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality 2013                     Community film festival in Toronto 2013   
for SARS doc                                                                                         

    Photo by TVO

 TVO Host, the Banico family, filmmaker Diana Dai answer questions from the audiences after a very successful
 screening during the world premiere of documentary"My First 150 Days" at Hot Docs Cinema on Feb 23, 2017.

is broadcasted at CBC in 2019 and it has been selected by various International film festival around the world, it has won some prestigious awards. 

Multiple award winning filmmaker Diana Dai brings a passion for creating TV and film programs that focus on social issues, human interest, history and Art&Culture. Her aim is to expand your vision, your world and minimize the cultural gap. 

Her visionary film-making expertise has gained her various acclaimed programs with CBC, TVO, Alliance films, Bell media Inc, Vision TV, documentary channel. She received the prestigious Canadian Screen Award (Gemini Award) in 2009 and the Golden Sheaf award in 2010.

Her films have been shown at TV stations in the US, Europe, Asia and won many awards at various international film festivals. Her film also has been collected by Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, university of California - Berkeley and many other universities in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as national libraries. 

Diana Dai Communications Inc. provides:

• Making documentaries and other TV/Film productions including feature films, commercials, reality TV shows.