Diana Dai has worked as a documentary film-maker; a TV host/producer/director; a PR consultant; a print journalist; and an University teacher in Canada, UK, and China; interviewed many important politicians, successful businesspersons, artists and sports stars; produced good quality shows, written many articles, and completed editorial work for academic books.

Diana has produced or directed the following documentaries:

  • Covid and who I am Now   CBC.  2020


  • "My Farmland"  Producer/director/writer  CBC 2019


  • "My First 150 days", Director/Writer, TVO, CBC.  2017


  • "China Transformation" Director 2016
  • "Crossing Chinatown"  Director/producer 2014, air on Bell Local, Bell Media Inc. 


  • "SARS: Cover up and Aftermath";  Director/producer 2013, it airs at the documentary channel at CBC, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Taiwan public Television Service. 
  • "China's Earthquake: The People in the Pictures";  producer for CBC, won the 2009 Gemini award and the 2010 Golden Sheaf award for the best history documentary.


  • "China's Leap of Faith"; a two-part documentary series between 2007 to 2008, co-directer for Cogent/Banger Productions Inc. Vision TV.


Diana also worked as a casting producer for the reality show "Under Cover Boss" Canada for Alliance films in 2012. 

Between 1996 to 2007, Diana produced, directed and hosted many special shows at OMNI TV; this included the following outstanding special programs: 

Hosted the three hours live trilingual coverage “Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty in 1997”,
Hosted and produced “federal and provincial election programming”,
Hosted and produced “Head tax apology”,
Hosted and produced “Chinese President Hu Jintao visit to Canada”,
Hosted and produced “Taiwan election”,
Hosted “Yip’s choir in China”

She was on the editorial board for the "Journal of Macro Linguistics" when she taught Chinese at the University of Leeds in the UK from 1992 to 1994. She was one of the editors and writers for the textbook "Television in its social context" for the University of Ontario Institute Technology in 2011.

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