Documentary: My First 150 Days


Diana Dai: Director/writer
Produced by 90th Parallel Productions

Broadcaster: TVO, CBC documentary channel, 
Cinema: Hot Docs Bloor theatre

Award:  IndieFEST Award of Excellent 2017

"Certificate of Creative Excellence" at the 2018 US International Film & Video Festival
    • “Bronze Remi-Award” at the 2018 Worldfest Houston Festival

This intimate documentary chronicles a multigenerational immigrant family’s experiences over their first 150 days in Canada.

Watch the documentary online at TV Ontario:

The trailer of the documentary:

The doc had a very successful world premiere at Ted Rogers Hot Docs Bloor Cinema on Feb 23 2017:

TVO Host (left), the Banico family and Diana Dai (right) answer questions from the audiences after the screening during the World Premiere.